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Glance Technologies comes from deep roots in tech, and a long history of leadership in mobile payments. Founder and CEO Desmond Griffin began his journey with PayByPhone, the parking app he led from local innovator to global success story. Glance Technologies, the creator of Glance Pay, is headquartered in Vancouver, with offices in Silicon Valley, Toronto, New York, London UK and Australia.

Glance Technologies

Glance Pay is owned and operated by Glance Technologies. Glance also owns an end-to-end blockchain solution for a rewards based cryptocurrency which is currently being integrated into the Glance Pay App.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glance Pay?

Glance Pay is the mobile payments app that’s free to download, easy to use, and designed to save you time and stress by streamlining how you pay your bill in restaurants, retail outlets, and with merchants of all stripes.

Backed by state-of-the-art security technology, and equipped with automatic rewards customers love, hundreds of businesses across North America are signing up with Glance Pay to keep their clients happy and their businesses ahead of the pack.

How do I download Glance Pay app?

Glance Pay Mobile Payment App can be downloaded at the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. Find us in both Canadian and US app stores. The app requires iPhone 5 or newer and iOS 9.3 (or similar Android model and operating system).

Once downloaded, enter your cell number to receive a confirmation text (swipe down to view, do not exit the app). When confirmed, take a photo of your credit card and enter your credit card info and postal code. These steps ensure that the mobile phone and credit card are both in your possession to enable payment.

If you have any trouble during the sign-up, please contact us at 855-288-6044 and we would be happy to assist.

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Why should I use Glance Pay?

Glance Pay is perfect for any user or business owner who is tired of the legacy approach to paying bills and checking out: that old routine of asking for the bill, waiting for it, waiting for the credit card machine, and waiting for it to connect and process the payment, before waiting all over again as groups split their bills and servers tap their toes.

With Glance Pay, users can get started as soon as the bill is in their hands; simply take a picture of the bill, confirm the amount you’re paying and your preferred tipping option, and leave at your leisure. The platform allows you to digitally store your receipts and track expenses, while automatically earning loyalty points towards exclusive rewards every time you pay.

Is there a charge for using the app?

No charge! It's free as a bird.

Does it work with all credit cards?

All major credit cards are accepted, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

What's preventing people from pretending to pay and then just leaving?

Don’t worry! Servers know that Glance Pay users are dining and dashing the same way they always have. Businesses receive notification of your payment without having to approach the table. However, if it feels a bit strange for you at first, when you receive your bill let your server know you will be paying with Glance Pay, just like you would inform them if paying by credit card.

Where can I use Glance Pay?

Glance Pay is available for customers at hundreds of locations across Canada and the U.S. Use the app to find businesses near you that have partnered with Glance, including restaurants, retail outlets, salons, service providers and more. Download the app today to start discovering your city!

How do I earn and redeem rewards?

Earning rewards with Glance, and cashing them in for exclusive discounts, is as simple as using the app. With every transaction you make at a Glance-partnered business, loyalty points are automatically added to your account, and once you’ve earned your cash-back reward, it is automatically applied to your bill. No expiry date, no coupons to keep track of, and no way to miss out on the rewards you’ve earned!


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