Paying Fast
Has Its Rewards

Pay your bill instantly with Real-Time Bill & earn rewards with each purchase.

1 bill found at 7:05 pm Brunch Boutique 332 Eastman Blvd TABLE 1 TABLE 1 AUG 11, 2:00 PM SALLY #000123 Bill 2 Coffee 4.00 1 Eggs Benny 16.00 1 Omellete 12.00 Bill Total $32.20 Subtotal 28.00 Taxes & Fees 4.20 PAY BILL


A QR code to pay your bill or view your bill in real-time


At the table to view your real-time bill with devices that support NFC


A photo of your paper bill, pay and leave when you're ready

¹ SCAN & TAP currently available at select locations


Have a meeting after lunch? Need to catch a movie after dinner? Don't worry, you have time! With Glance Pay's Real-Time Bill, there's no need to flag down your server for the bill, no more passing around the payment machine.

Just SCAN TO PAY and be on your way!


Never wait to pay again. Instantly & easily pay your paperless bill, on-demand, by QR Scan or NFC Tap at the table.

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Say goodbye to punchcards and unused rewards points. With Glance Pay, you get rewards each time you pay and discounts are automatically applied on your next payment.


Available for both iOS and Android, the Glance Pay app empowers your customers to seamlessly & securely pay their bill with a tap, snap or click.

I wish Glance Pay existed when I was a server. You simply take a picture of the bill, confirm and it's done. You don't have to wait for change or the machine to come back. It's a just a simple click and go!

Trevor Bird

Chef and Entrepreneur, Fable Diner and Kitchen

The chance to give our customers a leading-edge payment solution, while also enhancing our operational efficiency - that was a clear 'win' for keeping ahead of the competition

Carl McCreath

President, Steamworks group of Companies

Very useful and intuitive. Speeds the whole dining experience up quite a bit. Easy to track spending. And I get rewards. Quite handy when in a rush but otherwise it's nice to still have human interaction with server.

Nick Pizza

Android User, Review from Google Play Store

Our server encouraged us to try it out and we found it pretty quick and easy to use. We didn’t have to track our server down to pay so that was super handy. Will definitely use it again.


iPhone User, Review from Apple's App Store


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