What is Real-Time Bill?

The new Real-Time Bill feature allows guests to pull up and pay for their bill from their phone with ease

Patience may be a virtue, but not one people love to keep. But what if the need to be patient could be taken out of the equation?

Imagine a world where patience was not needed. In this world, your friend is always on time for dinner, the skytrain would always arrive on time, and restaurants would also have an available table. Unfortunately, a world without waiting doesn’t exist, but it can for a small moment while paying for your restaurant bill.

Glance Pay’s Real-Time Bill

Through Glance Pay, Real-Time Bill has arrived! The new Real-Time Bill feature allows guests to pull up and pay for their bill from their phone with ease. Being in a hurry and trying to get your server’s attention for the bill or card machine are now first-world problems of the past.

Splitting the bill between you and your 10 best friends can also test your patience. Instead of waiting for the card machine to make its way to your side of the table, make your friends jealous by paying your bill in seconds.

How It Works

Step 1: Together or Split?

After ordering, let your server know whether the bill will split or together.


Step 2: Enjoy Your Meal

At Glance Pay locations, you’re bound to love the food and the drinks you order. Enjoy your time with friends while enjoying delicious meals!


Step 3: Scan or Tap

After finishing your meal, scan the QR code or tap for NFC tag on the Glance Pay table block stationed at your table.


Step 4: View and Choose Your Bill

By scanning or tapping the Glance Pay table block, you will be able to view your electronic bill. Choose the one that is yours!


Step 5: Pay Your Bill and Earn Rewards

Automatically calculate your tip, click on on Pay Bill and you’re done! Plus earn rewards with each transaction.


Step 6: Get Up and Go!

Once the bill has been paid, restaurant goers can simply stand up and leave. There is no need to wait for a server – instead, go out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine (most likely rain) that Vancouverites love so much.


It feels a little weird, but that’s all! Glance Pay takes away the need to wait for a server to bring the bill or card machine. Restaurant guests receive convenience at their fingertips. The need for patience may still be necessary, but not when it comes to receiving and paying your bill.

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