A neighbourhood like no other needs a party that does it justice. In a neighbourhood like Kitsilano, that bar is set high.

Decades ago it was the beating heart of counter-culture in Vancouver; a century earlier, of an ancient Squamish village with a deep-rooted culture of its own.

Now, the Khatsahlano Street Party returns this weekend for its sixth year, and is expected to draw more than 160,000 people to West 4th Avenue as it makes good on its reputation of being Vancouver’s largest and loudest street festival celebrating arts and culture.

Kicking off the morning of July 7th, it is a 10-block affair, stretching from Burrard to MacDonald Street, every step in between filled with live music, fun activities, bustling patios and beer gardens, and a whole wide world of food, glorious food!

So what should your first stop be? The Glance Pay Tent, of course!


Shake, Raffle & Roll with Glance!

Always intent on giving you ways to get more out of your Glance experiences, our crew will be on-hand to show you how to get $5 OFF your first AND second Glance Pay purchases while enjoying the Glance advantage at locations across Vancouver and the world.

Better yet, you’ll get a chance to Shake, Raffle & Roll with Glance. Take a spin on our Glance Pay Prize Wheel of goodies to win sweet prizes to redeem at some awesome Glance locations. Simply show us your downloaded Glance Pay app and take a spin for a chance to win one of many gift certificates or up to $75 to spend at nine Glance locations around Kitsilano. There will also be a chance to enter into our Glance raffle for a grand prize of $250 Glance Dollars to spend at any Glance Pay location.


Gorgeous Glance patios & party spots

Next, make sure you’ve got the fuel you need to enjoy the day! Glance has got your back here too. Check out some of the Glance restaurants located right on West 4th Avenue, including Fable Kitchen, famous for its gourmet sharing plates, Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe, which perfectly captures the eclectic, artistic vibe of the Khats Street Party, and the NAAM Restaurant, a vegetarian’s paradise and a Kits classic since the 1960s.

You can also use Glance to take the party to the patio. Las Margaritas has a beautiful outdoor lounge, and you should visit the Oakwood Canadian Bistro, one of Glance’s favourite high-end watering holes, where they are celebrating Khatsahlano with a temporary patio extending out into the street, and a $5 Mill Street Organic pint special as the cherry on top. With four more Glance locations in the Kits area —  Banana Leaf, The Ellis, Corduroy and Rocky Mountain Flatbread — Glance can’t guide you wrong this Khats weekend!


Music to move you

Once you’ve caught up with the Glance team and gotten your fill of prizes and perks, next it’s time to feed is your ears. Zulu Records, a Vancouver establishment since 1981 and known as one of Canada’s top independent record stores, has curated a lineup of more than 50 musicians, balanced by gender and drawing heavily from local talent. Bif Naked, Frazey Ford, Slow and Leeroy Stagger are headlining and there are dozens more performers to get acquainted with at several stages across the blocks upon blocks of good tunes and good times that make up Khats.


Get Glance & get going to Khats

Khatsahlano is one of many reasons to love the Kitsilano neighbourhood, and Glance has got even more to add to that list: boatloads of prizes at the Glance Pay Tent, nine top-notch Glance locations nearby, and the mobile payments app you need to enjoy the energy without getting stuck for service in the crowd.

Go into Khatsahlano prepared and download the Glance Pay app now on iTunes or Google Play. You’ll not only get a chance to win big at the Glance Pay Tent at Khats, but you’ll also get $5 OFF your first AND second purchases in the app, courtesy of Glance.



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