With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the pressure to make plans is looming over all of us like a giant heart shaped hard candy. However, you can easily melt away that sugar coated pressure with a little well played preparation about where you’re going to take your Valentine.

In the spirit of Cupid, we’re giving an extra $10 off your bill at Fable Diner for the week of Valentines. Just our little way of saying thank you for paying with Glance Pay during the season of love.

Yesterday, we shot a heart-tipped arrow out to this iconic diner of Vancouver’s Main Street neighbourhood and treated locally-based Instagram food bloggers, Jason and Vanessa from @acoupleservings to a romantic pre-Valentines date.

Unpretentious and homey, Fable Diner offers a warm alternative to the stuffy fine-dining some may feel obligated to visit on V-Day. It’s basically Pop Tate’s Diner from Riverdale, but in East Vancouver (bonus points if you show up sporting a Jughead crown).

Photo credit: @acoupleservings

As for the food, you really can’t visit and not have one of their signature milkshakes. Jason and Vanessa dived into the Peanut Butter and Nutella flavour, but we’re kind of partial to Banana Caramel with Frosted Flakes.

Photo credit: @acoupleservings

Once you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth, it’s on to the main course. The Roast Duck
Pancake will make even the hungriest of hearts swoon. Topped with a soft boiled egg, fresh kimchi and drizzled with Japanese mayo. This takes the Sunday morning staple of pancakes and gives it a punch of flavour.

Or how about their Original FD Poutine? Crispy fries topped with melted aged cheddar, sweet cola onions and smothered in grainy dijon gravy. A guaranteed swipe right.

Photo credit: @acoupleservings

We’d start listing all menu items but we’re on the brink of gushing, so we’ll just leave them for you to try. With $10 bucks off your bill the next time you use Glance Pay there, Feb 12-18 is the perfect chance to try quick mobile payments coupled with loyalty rewards.

No matter if it’s your first date or first anniversary, or simply celebrating the love in your life; Romance is alive and well at Fable Diner.

Thanks again to Jason and Vanessa for letting us live vicariously through their delicious adventure. No matter what you do for it, here’s wishing you a happy heart, and hearty meal on Valentines Day!

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