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Provide a better experience for your guests and servers with Glance Pay’s mobile payment solution. Find out how Glance’s restaurant partners are making more money and saving on labour costs.

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Glance Pay for You

Glance Pay saves staff time & accelerates table turnover, enhancing operational efficiency & ensuring top-quality customer experiences. Glance Pay is shown to boost restaurant revenue by up to 20%


Never make them wait to pay. Give your guests the ability to instantly & easily pay their paperless bill, on-demand, by QR Scan or NFC Tap at the table.


No more obstacles to ordering more items. Glance Pay users can browse your menu in-app & place orders directly to your POS system, without flagging down a server.


Cut down on lineups & keep customers happy. Glance Pay lets customers place pick-up orders before walking in the door, sent directly to your restaurant’s POS system.


More retention means more profit. Keep customers coming back with Glance Pay’s customized, automated loyalty program, built-in to every transaction for simple, hassle-free administration.


Glance Pay has a full array of tools to drive business growth. Premium co-branded Table Talkers with QR Scan & NFC Tap integration. Special offers, event-based initiatives & customized, data-informed digital marketing campaigns. Cross-promotion opportunities & timely in-app messaging made with upselling in mind.

Revenue Calculator

Calculate how much Glance Pay can help boost your revenue.

*Assumes your restaurant is at capacity 3x a week for periods each lasting 3 hours, with 25% of customers using Glance Pay.

Glance Pay Case Studies

What is Real-Time Bill?

The new Real-Time Bill feature allows guests to pull up and pay for their bill from their phone with ease.

The Glance Advantage

Give your customers the ability to view their bill in real-time & pay it on-demand. Give them a direct connection to your POS system so guests have no obstacles to placing orders, before they even walk in the door. Use Glance rewards to keep them walking in again & again.


Improve Turnover

Improve table turnover by up to 30%, or up to 10 minutes per table on average.

Better Security

Built-in anti-fraud protection with every transaction. Full PCI compliance included.

POS Integration

Glance Pay seamlessly integrates with 10 leading restaurant Point-of-Sale systems. 

Server Rewards

Servers earn cash rewards for every new user they help sign up.

Loyalty & Marketing

Keep customers coming back & engaged with your business with Glance’s customized, automated rewards program.

Get Discovered

Put your business on the map, literally, with Glance Pay’s Discovery feature, including location details & photo gallery.

Seamless POS Integration

Glance Pay supports at least 15 of the most popular POS systems on the market. Transactions through Glance Pay are automatically integrated into your system so no extra hardware is needed!

Plus many more! Get in touch to see if your POS system is supported.

Restaurants Love Glance

Available for both iOS and Android, the Glance Pay app empowers your customers to seamlessly & securely pay their bill with a tap, snap or click.

I wish Glance Pay existed when I was a server. You simply take a picture of the bill, confirm and it’s done. You don’t have to wait for change or the machine to come back. It’s a just a simple click and go!

Trevor Bird

Chef and Entrepreneur, Fable Diner and Kitchen

The chance to give our customers a leading-edge payment solution, while also enhancing our operational efficiency – that was a clear ‘win’ for keeping ahead of the competition

Carl McCreath

President, Steamworks group of Companies

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