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Eliminate billing wait times, and increase customer loyalty!

Glance Pay for Your Business

Give your customers a streamlined payment experience via their smartphone. When a customer asks for the bill, they want to pay right away. If everyone in your business is paying with a card at the same time, and wants to leave immediately, can you guarantee that they’ll be able to?

Billing is the final touch point with a guest, so it’s important to leave them with a positive outlook on your business.

With Glance Pay, you can eliminate the time it takes to pass around a card machine and wait for each payment to process. Customers can pay their bill – on their own, in an instant.

#1 restaurant payment app in North America

Maximize revenue during peak times by faster customer turn over

Increase staff productivity by letting us process your bills

Enhance customer experience

  • Easy access to your social media, and menus create more opportunities for customers to get to know you.
  • Business listings feature beautiful hi-res photos of your products or services with detailed descriptions, hours, location and website.

Process payments quickly

  • Customers snap a photo of the bill and enter the full amount.
  • They select their portion of the bill- no more splitting receipts!
  • Quick tip options are offered and automatically calculated.

Reward your most loyal customers

  • Increase your return customer with rewards for frequent visits.
  • Customers know exactly how far away they are from their next reward level to encourage them to visit you again!

Make it easy for people to find you

  • Customers can discover your business based on their location
  • Business listings feature large, beautiful photos of you restaurant with detailed description, hours & location, contact info and website

No set up or cancellation fees


No connection required, we provide our own!


Hassle-free activation and provided training


Extremely clear layout so staff can easily review transaction details


Seamless automatic accounting that caters to you


Quick payment deposits

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are Glance Pay payments received?

Upon receiving your business banking information, Glance Pay electronically deposits funds in the bank account on the following business day.

At the end of each month, Glance Pay deducts the processing fees from that month. Glance Pay does not withdraw any funds from your bank account nor does it have access to do so.

Will I receive a daily Glance Pay statement?

Yes, the business will be provided a link to log in that shows the Glance Pay transactions for every previous business day. For Friday, Saturday and Sunday transactions, these totals will be made available on Monday.

How does Glance Pay reward each new sign up with up to $10 off their bill?

Each new Glance Pay user will automatically receive up to $10 off their bill the first time they pay with the app. Click here for more details.

Can anyone download the Glance Pay app?

Guests with an iPhone 5 or newer and an Android phone 5.0.1 or higher can download Glance Pay free of charge. Set up is quick and easy! Servers are recommended to inform their guests of Glance Pay at the start of the dining experience or immediately after taking their order so that the guests can download the app while they wait for their food and/or drinks, giving them lots of time to pay for their meal with the app when the bill arrives. Glance Pay provides Servers with promotional cards to present at the start of the dining experience along with table top cards, posters, bill folds and other marketing materials to assist servers in promoting the advantages of Glance Pay.


“Less hassle going to get the bill from the customer”

“Since signing with Glance Pay it has been more enjoyable for our team here to use. There is less hassle going to get the bill from the customer when we are busy. We have only needed (help from customer service) a couple times, and the support has been great.”

“Secure and convenient”

“Giving our customers the best option for faster payment with Glance Pay, that is not only secure and convenient but enhances the complete experience at Sai Woo is a must.

We aim to provide the best food, service, so why not a better payment option? I see the difference already in a faster table turnover, happier servers and ecstatic guests.”

“Forward looking technology”

“Glance Pay is a forward looking technology that engages the customers we want to attract to dine with us more frequently.”

“Saves so much time for us”

“Glance Pay is very convenient when we are really busy. It saves so much time for us, especially with big groups.

The support staff for Glance Pay always gets back to us right away, and the (ambassadors) that come are always talking to our customers.”

“Glance Pay has been a huge success in our restaurant”

Glance Pay has allowed our guests the freedom to pay at their convenience. This has enhanced the dining experience immensely as the guests do not have to wait for their server to find a machine or come back with cash if the restaurant is busy.

“Better focus on top level service!”

Having the leading mobile payment solution Glance Pay offered in our restaurant has provided our guests with a faster payment experience and given our servers the opportunity to better focus on top level service! Glance Pay is exactly what we needed to stay ahead in our industry.


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