A Game Changer in Operational Efficiency And Customer Loyalty

How the Steamworks Group Managed Operational Costs in the Face of Rising Labor Costs And Built Customer Loyalty to Increase Sales

The Steamworks Group’s hugely successful flagship location in Vancouver’s historic Gastown is one of the busiest restaurants in Vancouver. This famous brewpub prides itself on its special steam brewing technique; a one-of-a-kind in Canada. Locals and tourists alike flock to this restaurant for pleasureful lunches and fun nights. They have been serving a following of loyal guests that love their signature beers and top-notch service for over 20 years. This massive two-floor restaurant carries many tables of various sizes in their numerous rooms. During weekend nights, the restaurant often toes the line of maximum capacity, leading to the need to push the limits of operational efficiency.

Challenge: Tight Labor Market and Increasing Costs

A typical answer for a restaurant to increase operational efficiency would be to hire more staff. This option is not viable for many restaurants anymore due to the difficulty of hiring staff in a tight labor market and rising costs due to the increasing minimum wage. Carl McCreath, President of Restaurant Operations for the Steamworks Group, chose to address operational efficiency by investing in Glance Pay’s mobile payment solution.

“Glance Pay’s continued innovations, such as Real Time Bill & Order from Table, provide our restaurant group with immense value to manage rising operational costs without sacrificing exceptional service”

CARL McCREATH, President of Restaurant Operations, Steamworks Group

Improving Operational Efficiency and Guest Experience

SteamworksGlance Pay is a mobile payment app that revolutionizes the restaurant experience. By partnering with Glance Pay, Steamworks provides guests with the opportunity to order and pay conveniently through their phones. Carl McCreath believes Glance Pay’s mobile payment solution “provides immense value to manage rising operational costs without sacrificing exceptional service”.

Glance Pay’s Real-Time-Bill feature allows guests to pull up their bill and pay for it from their phone with ease. Servers understand the struggle of trying to find time to collect payments from a table while also trying to adhere to the needs of other guests. During peak hours at Steamworks, servers can rely on Glance Pay to help with this aspect of service.

Steamworks has a loyal following of guests who come to the brewpub for the friendly environment, signature beers, and savoury food. In the past, there was no way to reward these loyal customers. Glance Pay’s built-in rewards oer guests a convenient way to collect points towards a future restaurant purchase. This is an easy wayfor Steamworks to capitalize on their stellar service and increase customer equity.


Food For Thought

Controlling costs in the restaurant business is critical. Rising minimum wages and a tight labor market add pressure on business performance and bottom lines. To be competitive, restaurants must meet these challenges while maintaining exceptional customer service. Glance Pay’s mobile payment solution allows Steamworks to increase operational efficiency and manage operational costs while improving the brewpub’s top service. Glance Pay’s built-in rewards give guests an added reason to keep coming back. Similar to how other restaurant owners view Glance Pay, Carl knows “this is a game changer”. Glance Pay’s innovative technology provides a proven solution for restaurants looking at operating at their ultimate capacity.


Glance Pay’s evolution from the PayByPhoto feature to Real Time Bill has given Steamworks a 200%+ increase in Glance Pay transactions, saving servers critical time during peak periods.

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What is Real-Time Bill?

The new Real-Time Bill feature allows guests to pull up and pay for their bill from their phone with ease.

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