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How Glance Pay Turned Into a “No Brainer” in Improving The Guest Experience For Mr Mikes

It all started with brothers Bob and Nick Constabaris, who had the dream of eating steak at a restaurant at an affordable price. Their goal was to create a restaurant with a casual environment where everyone felt welcomed. Not only did they want to build a place with good food, but a place where people could take a break from rigid life and just be themselves. With all this in mind, the brothers opened Mr Mikes in 1960.

Mr Mikes brand has since revitalized by introducing the SteakhouseCasual concept; an idea that has never been done before. But what is SteakhouseCasual? It is a term coined to mean a place where people can connect through memorable moments on the basis of great food, ambiance, and “Canadianocity”. Under RAMMP Hospitality Brand Inc., Mr Mikes continues to grow its locations penetrating the Eastern Candian market. (stats on number of locations). It has become one of the fastest growing Canadian franchises.


RAMMP’s CEO, Mike Cordoba, believes “the key to growth is to constantly innovate and change and solicit feedback from customers, employees, franchisees, and suppliers”. The revitalized Mr Mikes restaurant chain is always looking to improve and bring innovation to the guest experience. Mr Mikes turned to technology to assist them in bringing convenience to the guests.

Since 2017, “Glance Pay has allowed (Mr Mikes) guests the freedom to pay at their convenience”, says Tony Zidar, Senior VP of Operations. Glance Pay is a mobile payment app that is continually revolutionizing the restaurant experience. It gives guests the ability to pay their bill from their phone without needing a payment terminal. Tony Zidar believes “this has enhanced the dining experience (at Mr Mikes) immensely as guests do not have to wait for their server to find a machine or come back with cash if the restaurant is busy”. After their bill is paid, guests can then leave the restaurant when they are ready, which positively adds to their experience. For Tony Zidar and Mr Mikes, their partnership with Glance Pay was a “no brainer”.

“Glance Pay has allowed (Mr Mikes) guests the freedom to pay at their convenience.”

“Glance Pay has allowed our guests the freedom to pay at their convenience. This has enhanced the dining experience immensely as the guests do not have to wait for their server to find a machine or come back with cash if the restaurant is busy”

TONY ZIDAR, Senior VP of Operations, MR MIKES SteakhouseCasual

What’s Next?

Glance Pay is not finished with bringing innovation to the restaurant industry. Glance Pay continues to add to the guest experience through their Real-Time-Bill and Order-From-Table features.

Glance Pay’s Real-Time-Bill feature allows guests to pull up their bill on their phone and pay for it from their phone with ease. No longer do guests have to ask their server for a bill and wait for them to bring a payment machine. After paying through their phones, guests have the ability to leave when they are ready. Especially during peak times, the guest experience no longer has to suer from a server being busy.

Glance Pay’s new Order-From-Table feature takes away the restaurant obstacles in ordering. Glance Pay users can now browse restaurant menus in-app and place orders directly, without needing to flag down a server. This gives servers extra time to enhance the guest experience, rather than just meet expectations.


Technology at Your Service

Mr Mikes wanted to find creative ways to enhance the guest experience in their restaurants. Through their partnership with Glance Pay, Mr Mikes and Tony Zidar have found “nothing but operational ease and guest satisfaction”. Glance Pay has proven capable of revolutionizing the experience for guests of Mr Mikes across Canada.

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What is Real-Time Bill?

The new Real-Time Bill feature allows guests to pull up and pay for their bill from their phone with ease.

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