Extra Revenue Waiting at the Front Door

How Fable Diner Innovatively Addressed Long Waits at their Popular Restaurant

From an Opportunity to Reality

This famous Vancouver diner operates at the bottom of the iconic Lee Building serving guests throughout the week. The diner has received numerous accolades for their modern farm to table take on diner food including an appearance on Food Network’s Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. Like every other busy restaurant, the diner faces lengthy line-ups and long wait times. Through the use of Glance Pay, Fable Diner has been able to increase table turnover and revenue without increasing labour or sacrificing service.

The Fable story began with renowned Top Chef Canada’s Trevor Bird. Bird competed in season 2 of Top Chef Canada where he came up with a name for his team’s farm to table concept: Fable. On his return to Vancouver, Bird enacted his vision into action by opening up Fable Kitchen, a restaurant that would help define Canadian cuisine. An opportunity arose for Fable Diner when the owners of the restaurant space were looking for a strong operator and reached out to Trevor. Fable Diner continues the value of Fable Kitchen and works to source local product and deliver delicious food in a fun and comfortable atmosphere.


By adopting Glance Pay, Fable Diner experienced an increase in table turnover by up to 20%

Glance Pay has helped Fable Diner focus on giving better service by improving our guests wait time; both when they are looking to be seated during our busy times and when they are wanting to leave!

RON MACGILLIVRAY, Fable Diner, Proprietor

The Problem: Long Lines

Vancouverites have fallen in love with Fable Diner and their menu offerings. From their peanut butter chocolate milkshakes to their famous potato rosti, customers flock from all over the lower mainland to get a table.

Not uncommon to busy restaurants, Fable Diner faced the challenge of long lineups at their door with eager guests. On weekend mornings, Fable Diner’s waiting area could not handle the influx of hungry guests, forcing individuals to wait patiently outside. Without a reservation, it could take up to an hour for large parties to secure a table. Often guests had to divert to other restaurant options if they are unwilling to stay the estimated wait time.

Fable Diner needed a solution to address this missed opportunity at their front door. Because of the capacity of the diner, adding more tables was not an available option. Regarding the increase of staff to increase efficiency, improvements would be marginal in terms of cutting down the line at the front door.

Fable decided to try a mobile payment solution option with Glance Pay.


Capitalizing on Untapped Revenue

Having guests wait to receive their bill and pay is a restaurant industry pain point. Needing a better solution to tackle this area of missed revenue, Glance Pay was brought in to help increase operational efficiency through the payment process. Through the mobile payment app, customers were offered a payment option that did not require a payment machine nor a paper bill. Through Glance Pay, restaurant guests have the ability to access their bill, self-pay with their smartphone and leave when ready via the Real-Time Bill™ feature. This allowed Fable Diner to turn tables over at a faster rate with happier guests in turn.


With Glance Pay’s solutions increasing table turnover, Fable Diner’s revenue has increased by approximately 20% week to week.


Fable Diner did not have to resort to reshuffling their tables to increase space or increasing labour for peak times. Glance Pay’s mobile payment solution allowed the diner to increase guest satisfaction by decreasing their wait time while solving the issue of missed revenue.

“I wish Glance Pay existed when I was a server. You simply use the app, confirm your amount and it’s done. You don’t have to wait for change or the machine to come back”

TREVOR BIRD, Fable Kitchen, Top Chef Canada

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What is Real-Time Bill?

The new Real-Time Bill feature allows guests to pull up and pay for their bill from their phone with ease.

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