Think you know your way around a plate? Think you know what makes your city sizzle? Or maybe you’ll agree that summer is a time to stop thinking and start living.

This August, Glance wants to see what you got — for a chance at the top prize of $500 Glance Dollars.

With Glance’s #GlancePhoto contest, we are looking for creativity, for quality photography, and for entries that are in-tune with our theme of enjoying both fine food and the magic of the summer season.

To enter, take a photo at any Glance-partnered location in Vancouver or Toronto, make sure you’re following @glancepay on Instagram and tag us in your entry post using the hashtag #GlancePhoto.

So here are some pro tips to make your foodie photography pop!

Remember the fundamentals

Capturing light is what photography is all about. For the best results, first check how much light there is and where it is coming from: for example, if the main source of light is a bright window behind your subject, the intended subject of your photo will likely look like a big shadow.

When you are shooting with a smartphone, how you set the focus and adjust the device to the light conditions usually comes down to where you set your finger on the screen, telling the device where the focal points are. Don’t skip this key step and don’t hesitate to try it a few different ways!

Finding the light at Smith in Toronto


Do it differently, do it again

Whether it’s a hardened photographer or a seasoned Insta-influencer, professionals will tell you there are two ways to make your second photo better than the first: doing it differently, and doing it again, and again and again.

The photographer’s most essential work-around for bad lighting or other poor conditions is to move somewhere else. So get close, stretch out your arms, or even just move to your left or right — changing the position of your camera is always a great option to try to get a better result.

Secondly, you shouldn’t ever think you’ll catch the perfect snap on the first shot. The perfect picture often takes several or several dozen tries. So don’t be afraid to take the picture again, and again, and again!

A close-up of Tuc Craft Kitchen’s Crispy Bacon & Egg


Show us your personality!

If you’re a Glancer, boring probably isn’t your jam. So show us your personality, and show us something different! Maybe that’s trying a different filter — or four or five — or maybe that’s shooting the same subject from a higher or lower angle, or with a horizontal or vertical framing.

Either way, in this $500 Glance Dollar photo contest will be about what captures the best moment, and who gets the most votes. So have some fun with your food photography! Get your friends or better half in there, get a group shot with the serving staff, do your best duck face, or show off your favourite mobile payments app — whatever! It’s people that make our favourite cuisines great and our favourite cities greater, so show us your personality!

Our foodie influencer, Bitemevancouver, gets close and personal at Chickpea.


Get out there with Glance Pay!

One of the best parts about this contest is it’s another great reason to get out there and taste the amazing food Canada has to offer. With the Glance Pay app, it is easier, faster, and more rewarding to get your hands on amazing plates and blow your mind with unbeatable experiences.

Anyone can join this epic #GlancePhoto contest, so tell your friends! All you need to do is download the Glance Pay app and visit one of many Glance restaurants with your camera at the ready. So open up Glance Pay and spend all of August expanding your foodie horizons and working your photo finger!


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