Work and lunch go together like knife and fork. Career goals and health goals, like bowl and spoon. So how come it seems we are still out to lunch — on lunch?

As much as we might have our heart, our health and our waistlines on the mind throughout the week, research suggests that those priorities go out the window when we go into work.

Cookies, brownies, sugar-packed coffee, pizza — most of the food that office workers munch on during the day is low on nutrients and big on pound-packing calories. But don’t mistake this as a call to cut out the joy of lunch hour. We all still need a break and we all still need sustenance before taking on the afternoon.

So check out this list of hot lunch spots where Glance Pay can help you take care of your waistline and your waiting times, saving you time and getting you back to your hustle refuelled and ready to take on the afternoon.





If you need another reason to recharge at their Convention Centre and Gastown locations, there are plenty. Their Kale & Quinoa Power Salad is a best-seller, and for good reason. Packed full of avocado, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, goat cheese and more, it is exactly the kind of nutrient-rich treat that so many desk jockeys are lacking these days.

With a menu of fresh, health-friendly options far too big for justice to be done here, Rogue’s is one you’ll just have to check out for yourself. And when you do, you’ll have a faster, frictionless mobile payments companion to get you fed and refuelled before lunch hour is up. Glance Pay is already a fan favourite at Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar’s Convention Centre and Gastown locations, with their West Broadway location and sister location of Steamworks Brewpub coming soon.



Nuba’s menu is steeped not only in the wholesomeness of one of the world’s healthiest cuisines. Serving up the freshest ingredients handpicked daily, with many vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options as well as only halal, hormone-free meats, Nuba is a smart choice for lunch that sacrifices nothing in savouriness and delight.

Don’t miss their falafels — from a secret recipe passed down, literally, through generations of family — or their create-your-own juice bar, always made fresh and made to order. You can use Glance Pay at Nuba’s Gastown, Yaletown and Mount Pleasant locations for a faster, easier way to make the most of your lunch hour.




The Corner Place

Comfort food meets Asian fusion at the Corner Place, which, like good mullet, knows how to both work hard and play hard. Check out their full array of healthy bowls — including the Quinoa Chia Sesame Burger and the Grilled Calamari Yuzu Salada — fully loaded plus with options to add top-notch proteins to the mix. And you can use Glance Pay for a faster, easier dining experience with a healthy side of rewards. And on the menu, healthy options also abound.


Bombay Street Food

Bay Street’s blue suits and Mumbai’s hustle and bustle may not seem like an obvious pairing, but when the lunch bell rings it’s a match made in heaven. At Bombay Street Food you can you duck in and out of the sights, smells and savoury spices of India, and back to work before lunch hour is up.

Run by sisters-in-law dedicated to the authenticity of their Indian fare, these dishes sacrifice nothing to convenience when it comes to traditional spicing and 100% halal meat. This isn’t just a real experience — it’s real food. For a satisfying lunch that keeps your health goals in view, check out their list of sandwiches and toasties, boasting high-fibre bread packed with real vegetables and so much more.


Get Going, Get Glance

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