That’s a wrap for the Glance team at Blockchain Summit London!

Glance Coin, our upcoming blockchain-based decentralized loyalty marketplace and reward token, was squarely in the spotlight at Europe’s top blockchain-dedicated event, and so too was Angela Griffin, Glance’s Chief Technology Officer.

At an event that has built its reputation on exceptional expert content, drawing in more than 2,500 industry leaders, innovators and investors with more than 120 speakers and dozens of exhibitors, Angela was chosen to join an expert panel examining how businesses are harnessing the power of blockchain.

“Blockchain innovation isn’t just about one thing: there is a full range of use cases for the technology,” says Angela, who joined Carrie Osman of Cruxy & Co., Raimund Gross of SAP, and Dave Stow of Ordnance Survey for the discussion.

“One great use case for blockchain is users being able to own their own data. Our innovations can empower users to not only control who uses their personal data, but also monetize it.”

The panel, Re-aligning the Organisation to Take Blockchain from Catchphrase to Business Benefit, explored blockchain adoption strategies that have failed and ones that have flourished, critically examining questions like when does decentralization bring a real benefit, and what are the risks for companies worried about jumping in too soon.

Angela, a key leader at Glance, both in developing technology and in setting the tone for the company’s culture of innovation and inclusion, made the case that even in tech, David sometimes has an edge over Goliath.

“As a relatively small tech company, we actually have an advantage over the big guys. We can take advantage of a whole world of blockchain innovation because we have the agility and the independence to strike up partnerships and joint projects as we come across them,” says Angela.

“We don’t need to start again from scratch, replicating the innovation in-house: we’re nimble enough to take advantage of any opportunity on the doorstep of our Glance offices worldwide.”

While Angela made an impression on-stage, the Glance team fielded questions from dozens of interested innovators, decision-makers and investors at the Glance booth, and sharing the vision for how Glance Coin will revolutionize how businesses can make loyalty rewards work for them.

Just a week ahead of the two-day Blockchain Summit London, Glance Technologies published a whitepaper on Glance Coin, the loyalty marketplace and crypto-token being integrated into the Glance mobile payments ecosystem, aimed at empowering merchant with personalizable rewards, while incentivizing, and offering customized deals to their customers using a token they can then save or spend.

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