With 2018 quickly arriving on the horizon, we look back at the Glance Pay Customer Favorites of 2017!  The restaurants selected are based on the most visited restaurants from Glance Pay users this year.  So if you’re looking for a special place to dine with family and friends this holiday season, these are the places that are guaranteed to please!

Fable Diner

Without question, Glance Pay users love Fable Diner. With an amazing staff, and wonderful diner food, it’s not hard to see why. The staff here work like a well oiled machine, but one that never feels mechanical. Their brunch service has quickly risen to legend status in the Mount Pleasant area. While you may have to wait briefly in a lineup to get in, you’ll never wait long when the servers spring into action.


This may just be the busiest spot on Davie Street. No matter what occasion is being celebrated in the West End, it always seems like The Fountainhead is at the centre of the action. Our users are known to flood in for daily drink and wing specials, you may even spot some of the Glance staffers taking part too.

Tuc Craft Kitchen

A cocktail staple of Gastown, Tuc Craft Kitchen is the one of the best date spots on the Glance Pay roster. The servers are intuitive, warm, and can flawlessly read their tables. They employ Glance Pay to save time and process bills when a guest is in a hurry. Home to a cocktail list that would make any aficionado blush, weekly live music, and a locally sourced menu of homegrown dishes, it’s no wonder our users can’t get enough.


Vegans unite! Our go-to spot for a healthy boost of greenery, our users have embraced this veggie-focused eatery since we partnered with them last year. The NAAM is basically a rite of passage for any Vancouverite. Open 24 hours a day,7 days a week, it’s the perfect spot to have an instant payment system as their rabid fan base can pack the tables without warning.

Barsa Taberna

Our most visited Toronto location is none other than Barsa Taberna. Find festive Spanish food at its best. It’s a tapas hotspot for recreating the authentic flavours of Spain with seasonal Canadian ingredients.Take in the bustling dining room as you sip on the sweet tang of freshly muddled sangria and enjoy and weekly flamenco show. We’re just glad they let us help out with the billing process to keep the service times moving at a healthy pace.

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