We always tout Glance Pay as being a supreme time saver when it comes to paying bills, but here are a few other tools that the app can provide that you might not know about.

1. All of the Happy!

Because who doesn’t want to get a lil happy at the end of the day? Find out all the details of when and where the best happy hours in your city are. Know you’re going to be in a specific neighborhood come 5 o’clock? Find out where you’re going, what you’ll be having, and let them know you’re coming all within Glance Pay.

2. Constant giveaways

We’ve always got some kind of promo or contest on the go. Whether knocking $10 off every bill at one place, or giving away a $200 evening for two at another, we love showering our users with gifts. It’s kind of our thing.

3. Recommendations

Not sure where to go for that business meeting or first date? You can access every one of our restaurants through the in-app map, and see which best suits each occasion. See which route to take, and plan ahead so you’re never stuck in the lurch.

4. Digital Receipts

We’ve all seen our dad’s wallet stuffed full of receipts, ready to burst at any moment. Our billing system provides seamless integration with your email, so you can easily store and expense your purchases.

5. New locations added every week

We add new Glance Pay partnered businesses all over Canada on a weekly basis! The app will notify you immediately when a new location goes live. This is an easy way to discover places you’ve never been, and see where you’ll be visiting next!

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