These days, is there anything your smartphone can’t do? How about get you free food from your favorite restaurants? Or pay for your meal when you forget your wallet? Well, now you can with Glance Pay! To commemorate the launch of our new website and improved app dashboard, we’ve listed the top 5 reasons why you should forgo the payment techniques of old, and start using Glance Pay!

1. It’s easy peasy!

Click click click, and you’re walking out the door. No more waiting for the credit card machine to arrive, no more waiting in line at the counter. Why waste time waiting in that empty space after a meal, when you can bolt up from the table and start deciding where to visit next.

2. Pay in stealth mode, like a NINJA…

You’re arguing about who’s going to get the bill. It’s a verbal game of chess, and it’s starting to get tedious. Then, you whip your phone out, aim it at the bill, SNAP, and watch as your adversary drops to their knees and cries NOOOOOO!

3. Pay quickly

First date going a bit long? Needing to get out? Then Glance that bill and don’t look back. Of course we want you to find the one, but it never hurts to arrive prepared for the worst! You definitely don’t want to be stuck waiting for the the credit card machine, while you’re forced to view somebody’s endless cat photos.

4. Those rewards tho

You’re getting your hair did and realize with the next transaction, you’ll have reached $15 off your bill. Getting rewarded for supporting your favourite businesses? Heck yes! Give yourself a reason to have a nice meal, or treat yourself to some “me” time with our promos, contests, and loyalty rewards.

5. Keep track of spending

A smooth interface of your transaction history, and the ability to email receipts directly to employers, makes for a seamless expensing process. Plus, your rewards are organized neatly with exactly how much you need to spend in order to reach your next goal.

There are so many ways that Glance Pay can improve your life, and these are only 5 of them! We’ll be posting more and more articles about how you can save time and money with simply the click of a button, it’s that easy! So stay tuned, we’re just getting started.

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