Testimonials Glance Pay

Great work Glance Team!

I'm seeing it all over the place now and servers always tell me they love it.

Keep it up!

- James Black, VP Canadian Securities Exchange


Fable Diner

Since signing with Glance Pay it has been more enjoyable for our team here to use. There is less hassle going to get the bill from the customer when we are busy.

We have only needed (help from customer service) a couple times, and the support has been great.

- Fable Diner


Wild Rice

Glance Pay is a forward looking technology that engages the customers we want to attract to dine with us more frequently.

- Andrew, Owner, Wild Rice


Sai Woo

Giving our customers the best option for faster payment with Glance Pay, that is not only secure and convenient but enhances the complete experience at Sai Woo is a must.

We aim to provide the best food, service, so why not a better payment option? I see the difference already in a faster table turnover, happier servers and ecstatic guests.

Salli, Owner, Sai Woo


Blue Martini

Glance Pay is very convenient when we are really busy. It saves so much time for us, especially with big groups.

The support staff for Glance Pay always gets back to us right away, and the (ambassadors) that come are always talking to our customers.

Carlos, Manager, Blue Martini


Mr Mikes

Glance Pay has allowed our guests the freedom to pay at their convenience. This has enhanced the dining experience immensely as the guests do not have to wait for their server to find a machine or come back with cash if the restaurant is busy.

Glance Pay has been a huge success in our restaurant.

Mr. Mikes Steakhouse Casual



The simplicity of Glance Pay is amazing. 

As a small restaurant with only one server on the floor, Glance Pay allows me to spend more time on what is important: My Customers.

Kayla, Manager, Corduroy


Fresh Restaurants

At Fresh Restaurants, we love Glance Pay because it makes dining in even easier for our customers. Paying at your table is now just as effortless as paying on your favourite delivery app. It saves time for both our customers and our staff so it was a no brainer for us!

The Fresh Team, Fresh

Fresh Restaurants

Leading the mobile payment experience by offering Glance Pay, within our Yaletown community, has provided our restaurant with many advantages; reduced wait and payment times, loyalty and rewards, and the convenience of our guests having the freedom to leave on when they want.

Urban Thai Bistro

Fresh Restaurants

Having the leading mobile payment solution Glance Pay offered in our restaurant has provided our guests with a faster payment experience and given our servers the opportunity to better focus on top level service! Glance Pay is exactly what we needed to stay ahead in our industry.

Nuba Gastown